The Hunt (2012)

The Hunt (2012)

A wee lie, a rumour, and your entire life might crumble.

The Hunt (Jagten) is an extremely realistic, disturbing, and intense Danish film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Mads Mikkelsen, who won for his role in this film the Best Actor Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Indeed, his performance in conjunction with the rest of actors’ is sublime and has not a single second of overacting, not even during the most tense and decisive moments. Definitely, not a popcorn movie!

“I would have probably attempted to pull that child’s hair!” I thought while I was swallowing my tinto de verano for the third time since the beginning of the movie (I was too concentrated to follow the English subtitles, try to decide whether I like the sound of Danish, completely pored over every scene and every actor. Well, maybe I’m not so good at multitasking after all!).

Summing up, an unbelievable performance and a blood-freezing topic which didn’t even let the expected frustration and anguish conquer my mind. I must confess that it got my goat to realise how much influenced I am by the typical Hollywood/Bollywood-endings: I had to re-watch the last 30 min thinking that maybe I had missed something out since the ending wasn’t black and white whatsoever.

By and large, it’s one of those movies about which I can’t simply say “Yeah, it was fun” or “I enjoyed it.” Neither could I easily and shortly answer to questions of the kind of “What is it about?” All these are, generally, a sign of high quality: See it yourself! Oh, and don’t worry if you keep wondering the why of the title until the final scene.


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