Émile Zola-The Fortune of the Rougons (3)

One last soak in Zola’s The Fortune of the Rougons:


Edinburgh cemeteryShe was about to withdraw and close the fateful door. without even trying to discover who had opened it, when she suddenly saw Miette and Silvère. The sight of the two sweethearts, who were nervously waiting for her to notice them, held her back. She became even more distressed. Now she understood everything. Until the very end she was destined to see herself there, in Macquart’s arms, in the bright morning sunshine. For a second time the door had served as an accomplice. Where love had once passed, there it passed again. It was the eternal cycle, with its present joys and future tears. Aunt Dide  could see only the tears, and in a sudden presentiment she saw the two children struck down and covered in blood. Overwhelmed  by the memory of her life’s sorrows, which this spot had just awakened within her, she grieved for her dear Silvère. She alone was to blame; if she had not had that door made long ago Silvère would not now be at a girl’s feet in that isolated spot, seeking happiness in a way that tempts death and makes it jealous.

The Fortune of the Rougons

by Émile Zola


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