Gandhi vs Hitler


“Above all, the British were susceptible, at least at times, to Gandhi’s kind of blackmail. They were embarrassable. They repressed and imprisoned, but they did not like it. Hitler, for one, simply could not understand this. (Gandhi completely misunderstood Hitler, seeing him as similar to the British. Hitler was not as bad as he was depicted, he said, and suggested German Jews should insist on staying in Germany and simply challenge the Nazis to shoot or imprison them – which rather missed the point.) Hitler, for his part, had told the British viceroy before the war, ‘All you have to do is to shoot Gandhi…You will be surprised how quickly the trouble will die down.'”nazi_monochrome_historical_adolf_hitler_parade_greyscale_desktop_3644x2744_wallpaper-355839

“During the Battle of Berlin he [Gandhi] suggested the British should invite Hitler and Mussolini to invade: ‘Let them take possession of your beautiful island, with your many beautiful buildings. You will give all these, but neither your souls nor your minds.’ The idea was politely rejected in favour of anti-aircraft batteries and Spitfires.”

_Andrew Marr


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