When you’re ready

When you’re scared

but brave enough

to look into the eyes

of your fears.

When you’re small

but big enough

to know what you want

and fight for it.

When you understand

but are too stubborn

to give up.

When you’ve found

your voice

but you’re still able

to listen to others.

When you’ve lost

but you’ve given it all.

When your heart is broken

but you’ve truly loved.

When you leave behind a place

but you leave people who love you too.

When you sleep

but you’re awaken.

And you dream

but you’re not sleeping,

when your heart beats so fast

that all you can do is

run after your inspiration

at the same pace.

And when you see no impossibilities

but barriers to jump over

and hard work to be done.

When you see no disadvantages

but chances to find a better path.

When you don’t need to forget

but you want more to remember.

And you don’t need to drink

to dance as much as you want.

And you know where you’re going

but you also bear in mind where you come from.

Or when you feel the itchy fire inside

and you get out of your bed after midnight

and write_

You must know you’re gonna get there

because one day

you drew your way

to where you are now.



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